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Vintage Influence. Modern Sound.

Artist Bio

Hailing from the raucous birthplace of Rock n Roll, Cleveland based hard rock group Burning River is determined to put the genre back in the mainstream. With an eclectic mix of both classic and modern influences, the four piece creates a sonic experience composed of riff driven distorted guitar, groove laden drum beats, melodically complementary bass notes, and soaring vocal stories. These singular forces ferociously collide to form music that harkens back to the legendary classic rock of old, while at the same time presenting a new and unique rock n roll fingerprint.

Upon hearing the transcendent guitar of Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page, Joseph Hozian felt the enticing call of rock music. Hozian then joined up with childhood friend Nicholas Lattanzio with the goal of starting a band. Nicholas Lattanzio had fairly recently been entranced by rock music. His desire for musical exploration grew, and he picked up bass guitar. With pinpoint focus, the two sought out a drummer. Stanley Piecuch had played drums in marching band all throughout high school. While at a local community college, a drummer wanted poster caught Stan’s eye and the rest was history. The newly introduced members then looked to complete the outfit. Keith Altman, an aspiring rock vocalist, was preparing to join the local music scene when he found the bands advertisement. Immediately bonding with the existing members, Keith officially joined the band thus completing the lineup. 

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In March o
f 2023, Burning River released their debut single "Ignition" on all major streaming platforms. Ignition represents the bands overall mission of bringing rock and roll back to the mainstream. Ignition is the first of 3 single releases to be completed under a debut release album

Band Members

Nick-5-9-2022-01 (1)_edited.jpg

Nick Lattanzio


Joe-5-9-2022-01 (1)_edited.jpg

Joe Hozian


Stan-5-9-2022-01 (1)_edited.jpg

Stan Piecuch


Keith-5-9-2022-01 (1)_edited.jpg

Keith Altman



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Promotional Photos

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Hightlights and Accomplishments

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Performance Information

Burning River prides itself on delivering a technically impressive and entertaining experience during our live performances. This is accomplished by performing from a selection of our innovative original discography and a bank of well known covers that highlight the band's influences. 

Setlist Material:

  • 15 Original Songs

  • 23 Covers

    • Highlighted Covers:

      • Working Man - Rush​

      • Highway Star - Deep Purple

      • Heartbreaker - Led Zeppelin

      • Paranoid - Black Sabbath

      • Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix

  • Max Set Lengths​​

    • All originals: 1hr 15mins​

    • With covers: 4hrs 

Stage Plot:

Burning River Stage Plot Diagram.PNG





Detailed stage plot available in our downloadable EPK:

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